Under the vast pool of a starry night sky,

The abandoned canoe sailed afloat,

Open arms reach of the angry sea,

Slapping across the face;

The cobble were the reflections of its foe. 

Throbbing shackles of them breaking waves,

Announcing a friendship with each bump,

Fisting the skirts of outrageous manacle.

The clumsy canoe couldn’t keep up

To the demeaning depths of the deep blue devil. 

The soulless boat shrouded with the scum, – and afar its destiny awaits. 

The broken lump couldn’t take any more of the pain, 

It pours it down to its bareback and wished it was still aground. 

Out in the sun and heat and the sand that dipped its feet under. 

“Oh my love, you have gone too far,

Not every wind is as same,

as the one that touched my soul – 

And with you it has sailed long ago”