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It has been so long since I read a book that felt so deep within. Every sentences and phrases made absolute sense that it triggered me; that it made me look back at every decision I have made so far. The right ones and the…


The Awakening 

Right now, there are more motivational quotes in this world than the number of motivated people there actually are. That’s because writing a two liner is much more easier than taking two steps closer to what we believe is our passion, unless writing two liners…


The Expected 

One of the greatest things human beings have evolved through, is the nature of understanding another’s pain. That’s why it’s called ‘humanity’. I personally admire people who cry watching movies. You call them sensitive but being sensitive is much better than people with a heart…


The Internet 

Social Media. A powerful tool of the 20th century that’s been serving the world with many good causes. A Social Media is a place or an application that enables one to communicate, share or find others with similar interests. It is ironic that those who…



Based on true events. How long does it take to recover from a heartache? Experts say, it usually won’t take longer than three weeks to get over an ‘ex’ and roughly about two years to compensate a broken marriage. Unless you are blindsided by the…



Under the vast pool of a starry night sky, The abandoned canoe sailed afloat, Open arms reach of the angry sea, Slapping across the face; The cobble were the reflections of its foe.  Throbbing shackles of them breaking waves, Announcing a friendship with each bump,…


The Introvert 

I fear rejections. I can’t stand being stood up on. I hate failures and moreover I am prone to heartbreaks. In the recent past years, I have seen drastic changes in my behaviour around a lot of people; the people I know and the people…