Right now, there are more motivational quotes in this world than the number of motivated people there actually are. That’s because writing a two liner is much more easier than taking two steps closer to what we believe is our passion, unless writing two liners is your passion. Torn between choices, that’s what it is. Some of us are still waiting for that perfect moment. Sorry to burst your bubble, they don’t exist; they never come. Perseverance beats strength, that’s how you get greater things done in life. That devouring desire to achieve something and holding on to it even at its failure. Don’t make up stories in your head if you are not going to act by it. They are your imaginations, one must at least stay loyal to them.


Approval is the little bridge between your goals and reality. We hopelessly wait around for someone else’s, all we need is our own approval. Remember, you are not running to catch up with anybody. Take it slow, what matters is that you don’t stop. Life is not to compete, but to be experienced. Answers really don’t count yet we must not stop asking questions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect house by thirty, stop agonising yourself with mortgages. People would judge you no matter what. They got married in their twenties. We don’t have a child yet. The neighbour bought a new car. Stop placing yourself on a never ending ladder. Why do we have to find happiness, when it is right there in front of our eyes? Your happiness is in your thoughts. In your wife that you married of love years ago. The children that you no longer spend time with. The dog by the gates that you thought was cute but didn’t stop to pet.  In that family trip you just missed to cover up another shift at work.


Regression is worse. Failure doesn’t mean the end of it. It is just one way how not to do it. Not letting your foot down during an adversity is everything. Pain, defeat and heartbreaks have their own defects. The actual outcome relies on your next time. Do not cling on to your past. It is in the past for a reason, if it really mattered, it would still be with you today. Walk over to the edge of your comfort zone, and take a look; that’s where life actually begins. The time we regret the chances we blew, is the time we have failed. We’ll be left with nothing but misery.


Fight your fears. Break your anxiety. Work on your self-esteem. At the end, you are the only one who’d stand by you. Replace your what if with so that’s what it is. Because the greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you can’t do. Work ahead and move farther, so you no longer hear them saying no. And finally when you know what you’re worth, you’d stop giving people bargains. Finding yourself for yourself is the purpose of your life. Not finding the you that the others would approve of you. Live, don’t just survive.