One of the greatest things human beings have evolved through, is the nature of understanding another’s pain. That’s why it’s called ‘humanity’. I personally admire people who cry watching movies. You call them sensitive but being sensitive is much better than people with a heart of a solid rock. The softest of hearts hold much room for love.

Why I am saying all these is because the story I am going to tell you today, is about someone in our life; every one of us’s. Who goes unnoticed for so many reasons. There’s nothing compared to a mother’s love. I am not going to argue on that. You have lived in her womb and that’s the closest anyone could ever get to someone’s heart. Literally. A hug of a mother would make you forget all your problems and a father’s pat on the back will give you the courage to face the world. That’s why when we were kids, a mother comforts you on her shoulder turning you away form your problems and dad holds you up around his neck showing you heights he has never reached.

So my father was a person who never lied to me. If I had a question, he answered it. I knew a lot of things at a young age because I was intrigued.

– Nick Cannon

See, we all know what our parents went through to put food on our table, give us a roof to rest under and a place in the community. What we don’t know yet is, that we will know only when we become a parent. This story moved me so much and I would love to share it with you all.

He was late to work that day. It was not usual for him to be so. But then, he is not the usual him anymore. Anyone could feel a maturity in him. A responsibility that made him stiff. He hurriedly parked his car in the basement and ran up the stairs. The first thing he did as he got in to his office, text his pregnant wife to check if everything is fine with her. He thought of taking her back home for her to be with the family during these days and the child birth. Two things stopped him from doing that. First, he can’t stay away from her even for a day and neither can she. Even though his mom is here with them, who has come to stay through; the man couldn’t rest.

See, a man has this problem. He can’t give up on one thing for another. It is a nature of ours. We can’t choose the girl we love over our mother or wise versa. Well, isn’t mom the first woman we have all loved? So he thought ‘Mom is here; she knows’. But he can’t let mom or the wife do any chores. He dialled the number of the takeaway shop around the corner of his apartment. Carefully ordering what’d be best for his wife and what the mother would like. He wont be able to concentrate on his work.

He will get back home after a tiresome day. In between he would have called home ten times to make sure everything’s alright. He wont rest even then. He will spend his time with his mother. With his wife. Helping them with chores. At night, She’d crave for something and he can’t just say no. He will rush to the corner shop, which is open the whole day, despite the time. He will massage her legs and tell her stories all night.

Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

– Elizabeth Stone

I find it cute when they decide not to know the gender of the baby. They told the doctor they want it to be a surprise. And how every single day they kept guessing it. The sweet war they had while discussing about the name for the kid. Things that were very minor. But, think about it; we will never know the real feeling of it and we will never know if our parents went through the same for us. I have said this many places, happiness lies in the littlest of detail. So the expectation is so high right? Because, when a baby is born, a mother is also born; as she never existed before.

Every time he took a walk through the mall, to buy her favourite Cappuccino, he’d stop by the Baby Store and admire the little mannequins with the cutest outfits. He’d tell himself that he is buying them all when the junior comes to this world. He’d fix his head on the best school in town. He needs a better savings plan for the kid’s future, he thought. It didn’t seem stupid to him, for planning all these ahead of years. The mother on the other hand, will be extra careful with every food she takes in. She drinks only pure warm water. It’s not about her health, it is all about the baby. She will read and watch important and brainy stuff to educate the baby. The care that’s been given to us, before even we were born. How many of us even think of this?

It was at that midnight, things changed. A lesson to prove everyone of us, that love exists in million ways even at someone’s worse. That night, she started having painful cramps. It wasn’t due for another few days, but he panicked. He packed everything and carried his wife to his car. Everything’s going to be alright. He looked concerned far from being worried. She couldn’t bear the pain. His mom gave her a few words of smoothness while massaging her head. Mothers are a blessing. He drove with care and reached the hospital on time. The doctor said she needs to go in labour. She held his hand tight and looked deep in his eyes. As if she meant to say ‘I love you and that she is not coming back’. Without words, he comforted her. She was taken in as him and mother stayed out.

I don’t know, he said. He was all strong until that very moment. Until she let go of his hand, he was the most strongest the world has ever seen. But now he felt broken. He felt empty. He hugged his mother and let the most deserved cry out. Tears ran down his eyes and he really couldn’t tell why he cried. His mother could sense the fear in him. She calmed him down and made him sit down. That moment almost every father has prayed, for the wellbeing of both the mother and the child. Every minute passed seemed like a decade to him. He, with hopes glued his eyes on the doors of the labour room.

The doctor walked out, and a nurse followed. His legs weakened and yet he managed to stand on his own. She walked straight towards him. “It is critical” She said. “Only one of them will be able to survive and I want you to be strong.” His eyes swell and turned all red again. “I want you to sign these papers” the nurse handed him. As he began to sign, a tear drop fell on the paper. And that moment again, he prayed. And he couldn’t tell what he prayed for. He wished, he could choose himself instead of one of them who wouldn’t survive. He stood there. His mother couldn’t comfort him this time. Instead she started praying with all her heart. The best, or the only thing she could do.

After hours, they revealed that she has had a miscarriage and the baby couldn’t see this world.

How did they get through that? How did they digest such an awful scenario? Their hopes and dreams shattered, just like that. She’d never be a mom anymore, she thought. And he had to act stiff bearing all the pain inside of him, to at least try make her feel better.  Such unfortunate events are put out to us as tests. That is the time, when they need you by their side the most. Refrain from hurting people. You only know one side of their story.

There’s a unique pain coming from preparing a place in your heart, for a child that never comes.

– David Platt